August 23, 2011

Here's to the Heartbreakers

Here's to red velvet ice cream after surviving the first day back.
Here's to Addy's first impression on Connor.
Here's to Ashlii knowing exactly what I needed.
Here's to half a tank of gas.
Here's to syllabus' and awkward introductions.
Here's to accidentally pouring my heart out to Tay on the phone.
Here's to Isaac being the man.
Here's to not knowing what to do with myself.
Here's to Hunter's text that read, "How's school? :) teheheh. Home is great!!!"
Here's to the tears I was able to hold back & the tears I didn't.
Here's to Laura, Jake, Jason, Nate, Emily, Cache, Cole, Matt, Michelle, Jenna, Mallory & Shelbie.
Here's to listening to his music, without him.
Here's to surviving the ride home without an emotional breakdown. The part I was most afraid of.

Here's to being okay.
Perpetually Yours,
Morgan Jo