November 16, 2011

This is Raw

Because I'm afraid of what is to come so I stop sleeping and grip to the time that I pretend to have.

That's the thing, though. That time that I grip to isn't real life. It's pretend and imaginary, like little miss Kelly that used to eat Mac and Cheese with me at the dinner table when I was only 6. But now I'm 16, and my life expectancy is only said to be 90, and that means I only have 74 years left.

Can I do everything in 74 years? Can I find love, go to Europe, teach my children, invent something, and save someone from death all in 74 years?

I sure hope so, because 74, that's a good number.

I just want to know the truth, but I'm not sure how to ask you, so I'll just make it up in my head again.

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