December 8, 2011

It's Only Human

We read too much internet.

We are too insecure.

We treat others like they are always going to be there, or as if we didn't care if they were always going to be there. And here's the thing we probably don't.
We get caught up in those other peoples lives, lives we couldn't care less about.

We struggle with things that make no sense to anyone else due to the fact that they don't have the heightened feelings that you've been blessed, so to speak, with. Really it's just hard.

We get concerned about who's a good kisser and who's not just because it's high school and it is fun.
We rush too much, and feel like summer should come when you're 17th Christmas hasn't even made its appearance yet.

We spend all our money on nothing, and we make new years resolutions that we never follow through with, and we make promises we don't intend to keep, and we run away from our problems.

We complain about this life as if it were of no importance, but this is the good life. It's the good life because its the only life we get, and so much of it is spent complaining about it being wasted when really we're the only people in the world that can change that for ourselves.

We think too much about what doesn't really matter and we use the excuse, "It's only human. We're only human."

We, in the third grade and still in the older grade, fall in love with our former best friends brother, and then realize he could be married soon, and you never even got the chance to tell him that you have loved him all this time.

We forget time, but do we even completely understand time? We don't because our minds are too simple to understand all that God creates in those gold-plated hands I like to think he has.

And we cry and we laugh and we sing.

And we are just a few long words short with almost no significance, but that significance is good enough for who we are, and who we want to be.


simply jane said...

i am in love with this post and i would like to feature it on my blog if that is okay with you.

simply jane said...

Of COURSE i will give you credit. There is no other way. Thanks! :)

sarah said...

i love this post.
so much.

thank you.

Makenna Lee said...

I too, love this post, because of its truth.

laura... said...

holt cow, morg. this is so good!