May 10, 2012

I Turned Numbers Upside Down

I know where we live eighteen makes ADULT and sixteen makes CHILD, but that doesn't make eighteen any better than sixteen. Okay, so in some cases, it may. Like when it comes to infomercials. When you're eighteen you can buy things from the television or set up your own bank account or sky dive or even go to real jail. 

Now, just because eighteen can do all those things that sixteen can't, doesn't mean sixteen can't do anything. Sixteen can still have sack lunches made for them, or have their laundry done, or not get arrested, or even have a decent job. And if we're being honest sixteen and eighteen are the same except for five letters and infomercials. 

So eighteen, stop being condescending, and start being an ADULT.

Sixteen point eight nine. Sixteen point eight nine is shaky hands and an upset stomach, but shaky hands and an upset stomach aren't just it. Add over-thinking, guilt, anxiety, and toss in a few tears and you get sixteen point eight nine. 

Hey, eighteen, sixteen point eight nine has feelings, and a heart, and she loves eighteen, or she did. Eighteen has a mindset of control and adult vs child. So, if eighteen is adult then become one and if sixteen is child then her emotions are still acceptable.

This isn't how I really feel. It's just subtle.


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