July 1, 2012

"When there's a movie about me."

I want to write you a beautiful story, but it isn't coming out write.

Here's the thing. I think everything will turn out. 

Addy: He'll be back if he's supposed to be, if not someone else will be here soon. Also, thanks for being my best friend.
Eliza: Come back soon, okay? SOON. Also, I'm sorry.
Ashlii: You are my sanity.
Benjamin: I MISS YOU.
Cody: Keep painting.
Connor: Stop hiding your talents because they're GOOD.
KP: You couldn't be more stunning and beautiful, so keep shining like I know you can.
Avery: Stop being so perfect. (Or at least teach me.)
Kaitlyn: Thank you.
Krista: Congrats, babe.
CT: Stop fighting with me.
Jude: Start seeing me more often. You make everything okay.
Laura: I need you.
Jason: I hope you're doing well. I'll write you soon. I promise.
Marley: I wish you knew how much I cared about you.
Maddie: Keep braiding, and wear lipstick. You're really beautiful.
Madeline: You smell like coffee and perfect days. Keep doing that.
Daniel: You are amazing.

"First you're thirty minutes, and then you're four hours. I can't do that."


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That One Redhead said...

i love this.
never stop writing.
can we play?