November 26, 2012

Promise Never Broken

I start too many blog posts like this, "Let me tell you something."

So, today I'm telling you something without actually telling you that I'm telling you, get it? Good.

We're all going to save the world one day. Mardi will save the cats, Addy will save the books, Cody will save the art, Matthew will save the hipsters, and McKay will save the smells. Turner will save the department stores, Tyler the egos, Teddy the attitudes. Mattie will save the braids, Susan will save the dinners, J the jokes.

Me? I'll save the broken pieces along the way. I'll save the light everyone misses and then keep it in my satchel. I'll save the earrings, and the misunderstandings. I'll save those broken hearts and African children.


1 comment:

Cody said...

This is breathtaking. I'm at a loss for words.