April 28, 2013

a mug of cereal

I have a music book pinned to my wall open to a song titled "Love Song to Life" and that's important. I'm taking a second to realize what's important. It's not important that she's more successful than me, or that he gets to go on a mission sooner. It's not important that your roommate sucks, or that you can't run more than 5 miles. It's not important that I can't afford school. It's not important why it takes so long for certain things to work out.

What's important is this. Time. Taking care of yourself, living a balanced life, people that don't rub things in your face are things that are important. It's important that my family is trying for me and that I can run 5 miles. What matters is that I'm good with people, and it doesn't matter that I'm not always good with books. I know what I believe and that's important.

Pray today, okay? Pray for some important things, and pray to know.

I'm learning to take care of myself, and how to write really crazy blog posts.

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