August 21, 2011

And Then the Tears Began

 I quietly pulled on my white button down and heels, slipped on my earrings, and tied back my hair. Alone, I walked out the door and across the street. I sat down and peered out to all the familiar faces. The organ began to play, and I stood up. I lead the voices with a soft swish of my hand. The last prayer was said before I gathered my things, I walked to class when I heard a voice, a voice I was longing to hear, ask how I was. "Great." I replied to that voice as it slowly faded down the hall.

Twelve noon hit and I prayed that I would at least get to say, "Good bye" to that voice, no matter how hard it is for that simple phrase to roll of my tongue.


I chose to walk home with an old friend, because I felt that it was what I needed. What earlier was a voice, became a wave from the car driving past us. We started talking about them, those two that were leaving tomorrow, the voice and the other one. We spoke of how much we admired them. The other one walked up. He talked to her, but I knew that I was supposed to be there. His sweet words brought smiles and watery eyes. Finishing up with a, "I'll see you in December, or maybe even earlier."

It wasn't "Good bye," and that made everything okay.

So, to that voice, I didn't say, "Good bye" because it's not good bye yet, just a, "I'll see you in December, or maybe even earlier."

Perpetually Yours,
morgan jo.

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laura... said...

i'm crying. those two. :)