August 14, 2011

She wants to run, hide and cover every square inch of her body in cloth. 
She no longer wants to fight the world, trying to be noticed and enough. 
She feels as if her lungs are no longer her own and someone is pumping her heart with a machine. 
She wants to scream, cry and cuss. 
Every last ounce of her is feeling something that she doesn't understand. 
She grips to the last moments she has left before they all escape and leave her behind, quietly telling herself that it was meant to be this way. 
Praying for forgiveness, for an angel to be placed upon her shoulder.
She smiles, hiding the pain, but the tears still roll down her sun kissed cheeks. 
Love, comfort, and belonging is what her heart desires most, though she quickly realizes,  opposition must come first. 

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