July 9, 2012

Center Street Recreation

There's something about chaos that makes you appreciate routine. There's something about the way I walked into work, just after rolling out of bed to find the Monday morning zombified Chantel, and the almost late Aubree. Jennifer was singing, and AJ just buzzing around. Josh walked in, too wired for 7 a.m. At just before 8, Turner rolls in, half asleep, well dressed, smoothie in hand. Hannah had some story about her date that weekend, and Camille didn't say a word. Elizabeth. Elizabeth talked to me as if I were her friend, not her employee, and that makes me love her more than I already do. 

Here's the thing about all of this: I have a home. Work is home, and coming home to a phone call from my best friend asking me to come pick her up because she had locked her keys in the car at our favorite local coffee shop is home. There is something about a small town with family work environments, best friends, and morning weather that really is a little cliche piece of heaven. 

One "Huzzah!" for quiet, cliche blog posts.


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Emily said...

Hahah she totally called me too.