August 28, 2012

So, Call Me Beautiful Once

I'm realizing I don't like to be hurt. I pride myself in being strong, but that's the last thing that is actually me. I'm weak, and I'm  fragile, and I'm emotional as all get out.

You want to know something about me? I will always, and I say always in the most literal sense of the word, love you more than you love me. And that goes for everyone. It's funny how bad I am at saying goodbye to someone, even if it's just for five days. My solution: stop saying goodbye.

Because I'm fragile, when something is important, it's really important. While most people ignore that "FRAGILE. Handle with care." message on boxes an sorts, I take that and frame it on the wall, high above everything else because I know.

I'm not hurt, and I'm not broken; I'm happy. Here's what it comes down to, figuring out how God works. I mean, I have not a doubt in my mind that He exists and knows what he's doing, but why does he let people leave? Why does he make hearts weak? No, I know those answers. He lets people leave for us, so that we realize what an impact that they are. He puts people in front of me that step on me, and then the others that pick me up and brush of my back and kiss me sweetly. Yeah, he does that for me.

I know this probably doesn't make any sense, but it feels good to write at myself sometimes.

Hey everyone, keep my memory in your back left pocket, and come hold me tight soon. School isn't the same without you, and weekends are the same without you. Car rides aren't the same driving with two hands and work isn't the same without my friends.

Change is good for me though, and I'm loving almost every piece that's safety pinned to my back right now.

Here goes a few hard things.


Melissa Deaun Weaver said...

I just love this too much!

Conman said...

I just...miss you.

Shelbie Jude Shill said...

i love you. i love this. i miss you.