October 15, 2012

Disaster Girl At Your Service

There's a lot going on over here in this little head of mine. I'm finally admitting to being afraid.

I think God must have some habit of deciding to drop multiple things on my door step at once, whether they be blessings, or blessings (because trials are blessings, right?) There's always four good things and three bad, then 8 good things and 13 bad. They all benefit me.

A friend told me tonight that I was loved. He let me know that I have a small circle in my life and around that circle is God's gold-plated hands. Inside that circle is my control. There are 7,439 things in my circle tonight. 44% are hard blessings. I'm turning that around because statistics can kiss me right on the mouth and I'll still beat them.

I can't save the world tonight, but somebody saved mine.

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