October 17, 2012

"State of Grace"

Disregard the obsessive amount of Taylor Swift references. It's inevitable.


Life is beautiful, and God works in marvelous ways. Today, he brought me a letter. He handed it to me with his gold-plated hands and said, "I saved this for today. I knew you needed it." I cried, and I laughed, and I told God that I loved him. 

GRACE (noun) :

1.) the free and unmerited favor of God
2.) simple elegance or refinement of movement

I'm in a state of grace, so come sit with me for a while. Grace was a turning point. It showed me that I can get through these medical appointments. Grace brought me God again. Grace was rehearsal today, and Teddy Shultz's attitude. Grace brought calm. Grace brought collected. 

Hold on to this grace, dear, because it's beauty really. 

Call me. Always.

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