December 7, 2012

Harmonizing with the Harmonies

"honesty, let's start there. here. now. you and me."

I love giving gifts. Sue me.

I'm not afraid to not match. Mostly because black is Kristi, brown is that one day, and navy is my father. I need a piece of them all at once.

I think too much, and I really, really like button ups.

I color inside the lines because that's the only way I can, and I drive the long way home because I like to.

I'm not any different than you.

I will travel out of the country to serve, but only because it feels right, not because all of Utah wants the same.

I don't always do my hair because I like it better that way.

I watch vlogs all to often.

I push people out and do much better on my own. I haven't had an actual conversation in over a week. It's nothing personal.

Photography is my thing, as cliche and Utah Mormon as it is. It'll always be part of me, and I'll always feel the same way when I print my own photo.

I catch on to things really quickly, and I am actually sixty on the inside. That's not me being hipster, but telling it how it is. My callings in church even prove it.

I love being on the newspaper staff, and drama council.

I come home everyday for lunch because it feels safe. So does the library.

I love Taylor Swift. I'll get pretty defensive about her, too. Just back off

I put music to a person, feeling and time. Hunter Hayes will always be Davis and May. Mumford and Sons will always be Addy and rainy days. Iron and Wine will always be Jake and holding hands. Red will always be Turn. Desert Noises will always be Matthew and his support.

Hate me for talking too much about myself please. Either way, that's a little bit of me. I'm not different, just Morgan.

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