January 5, 2013

Five, Cinq, Funf, Cinco

This year was about him.

This year was going through things with her

This year was this

 As 2012 came to a close I avoided every possible wrapping up of the year on here. (Especially December.) I did hard things this month. I let things go that were hurting me, and I started realizing how much potential I really have.

This post won't be eloquent, but it will be honest. Not vague, (or at least not as vague as usual) and my heart will be put into it. It will be too long, too sincere, too angst-y (probably), too teen, too me.

January I started something new, something that I never thought would be much, but it was. I met someone who changed me, for the good, and the bad, and I spent a lot of time being happy. 

The year started off like a dream, and I knew that it would be a year of change. This year I learned how to work, how to lead, how to step outside my shell. I made friends. Friends that weren't accepting at first, but then graduation happened and we were family. Real family.

I spent my summer unlike anything I had done before. I grew so much. I learned to be selfless, and to love. I learned friendship, support, hard work, and how to let go and be okay in my skin. Summer taught me how to be worry free. (Or I should say worry-less) It taught me first, and last, and how to drive too fast. It taught me movies, and shopping, and family. It gave me an older brother for a little while, and confidence. I didn't get over my fear of birds, just made fun of, and I spent a lot of time being happy.

Senior year. I don't know how to organize my thoughts into words in this post. (I'm sure that's something that you've noticed already.) Let's be painfully cliche and say that it's changed me completely. I'm not the same person I was in June. Sure, some things will always be me. (The love for summer, the anxiousness, the passion) I know how to lead now, and I know that I have potential to be great if I keep going. I love peoples weaknesses, and I let go of distraction. I don't always sugar-coat everything, and Christ has become my main focus. I've grown up. A lot. I'm a bad friend, and a good sister and a strong-willed heart. I avoid tough questions and listen to music.


This year was us being friends

This has no relativity; I just love her.

This year brought her.

I don't want to hold on to [two zero one two] any longer. I loved it though. Just like I love every other year. I loved the pain in the first six months, the (insert clever word here) of the summer, and the growth in the last five.

Five more months of unfocused photos and wearing this sweater

This year, 2013, is about five. Five day goals, and five months left.

I have five family members  I have five decorative pillows on my bed. I have five fingers on my left hand and five toes on my right foot. I have five days a week. I have five heros, and five points to a star.

This year is a big one. It's graduation, and people leaving, and moving out, and starting the big stuff. It's a year of big decisions, and painful loss. It's a year to document, and to remember. To learn. This year is to learn, just like all the other years. This one, just may count a little more.

So here's to my five day goals. Again, let me be painfully cliche and share them with you. (That way I'll be accountable, lovlies. So, check up on me, okay.) Here's the rules. Every five days I'll make a list of things to focus on during those five days. Five days are easier to focus on and easier to accomplish. Some will last the course of the five days, some have to happen everyday for those five days.

1.) Focus on good food
2.) Give five compliments
3.) Read at least five versus of scripture
4.) Give five hugs
5.) Say five meaningful prayers
6.) Blog three times in five days
7.) Take 5 photos

Here's to five, to twenty-twelve, to best friends, to forgiveness, to learning, and everything else this year has brought me.

enduringly, morgan


Janelle Abram said...

I really enjoy the new lay out of your blog. I also enjoy this post that was not at all too lengthy and just the right amount of teenageness. I want to say that I am very glad I know you. I think you're super cute and have a great fashion sense and great skill with a camera. I'm glad we're in journalism and I'm glad you keep everyone level headed. I hope the next five months exceed your expectations.

That One Redhead said...