February 6, 2013

Untitled Bad Writing Episode 2

I spend a lot of time in attendance school. Surprise? Shouldn't be. Anyway, the other day I didn't have any homework to finish, and I had already read about three books that week, so I resulted in what I like to call thought writing. Sure, sure, this is similar to the previous post, but it is even worse writing, and all in one hours time. I don't know why I'm letting you all peer into my head so openly because I'm usually vague here, but why not try something new?

Enjoy. (Laugh and tease. It's an order.)

*I wish I had a new book.
*Connor Olsen is a charmer
*Chandler, keep wearing your glasses
*Pigtails should not exist in high school
*Come flirt with me
*Girl, that is the most fake cough since, we'll, jersey shore or something dumb like that
*I learned how to get a boy to kiss me today (from an actual boy) win-win
*Elijah, you are a dream
*I just flirt texted (is that a real thing?) a boy that's in this room WHAT ARE Y.A. ROMANCE NOVELS TURNING ME INTO?
*MILES, hey, babe, graduation. 'Nuff said
*Jason Willard 'nuff said. (ADDYSON)
*Fine point pens are the only good object in this room (unless you count boys as objects. LOL who's the victim now?!)
*Why am I so crazy today?
*Jack, good sweatshirt
*And . . . the flirt text go shot down, hard
*You are the epitome of male cheerleaders
*If I could marry one boy, no, if I had to marry one boy in this room, no clue, k, maybe Elijah (commas, nah.)
*Effortlessly cute girls suck (probably literally)
*Milo Abbot? Why are you talking to me? This is cool, or weird?
*Only two people sleeping
*^that was weird
*first impressions
*Jacob Norton, you're a babe, and keep wearing that shirt
*What would you do if. . .ADDY SENIOR PROM PLAN

Well, that was ----interesting?

enduringly, m.organ.

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