April 6, 2013

Nicholas Sparks, cliches, and other debacles

I'm laying here, awake like I have thousands of nights before. It's 1:35 am and it's different tonight. I'm strong and weak all at once.

I have so much going on in this mind of mine that I don't think even Craig over at North Shore could draw my mind map.

I've got relationships and work and college and time and drive and change and heartbreak and excitement and everything cliche going through kids my age brain, plus add the pieces of the cheesecake that are individual to each of us.

Like say for instance, vanilla bean, that's my extra slice. Those are my issues. My ink stains; my happy places. Salted Carmel cheesecake is Addy's. Chocolate chocolate cheesecake is Mar's. Miles's slice is a classic, and so is Dad's. Mom's is red velvet, and Dalton's is pie, no cheesecake. Owen's is the whipped cream, and McKays is banana cream pie cheesecake.

Get the point? We all have a slice of cheesecake. Some like gram cracker crust, some like Oreo, but we all have a slice.

Enough with the weird theories Mo.

I'm thinking about school and that I'm no where near being close to graduation school wise, but emotionally I'm there. As I think through the thought that Addy is going across the country and Marley across the state it hits a little hard. I'm going to miss you. You've topped my cheesecake.

Kolten is going on a mission, and having a second home will actually be a literal term, not just pieces of the high school.

Lehi won't be a drive over anymore, and a lot of you won't be a text away. But a letter away, right?

Jason has been out a year now, and I'm going to have to get a new job. Money isn't come by easily especially since -- wait, let's not start with politics.

I'm ready for conference, how 'bout you?

Things are changing. Slowly, but surely. My feelings for people are changing, my life is completely changing. (Yes, all of yours is too.)

So, I watched Dear John tonight. Darn that Nicholas Sparks. That movie is about change. And promises, and time. It made me think about saying goodbye, you know? As everything changes through out the movie, certain things stay the same, like, the moon, "See you soon then.", John's dad, and (do I dare say it?) the love between John and Savanna.

As everything changes in our lives these days, there's always that hope for similarity. For coming back to comfort. I'll always have Ashlii to call, and Marley, Addy and I will be home for Christmas. Pieces that we don't like to change might come back to us.

Help me hold on, will you? I've got a lot to do in such little time.

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That One Redhead said...

I'm crying for you and goodbyes.
You will always, always be strong.
You are so loved, Morgan.
Don't ever forget it.

Let's go to lunch or something.