March 14, 2013

A Beautiful Mess of Dreams and Un-organization

Can I tell you a story? She will be Kay and he will be Ross. This is an example of that love that happens when you least expect it. The love that is real, and beneficial. He took her hand running and she held back. This resulting in meeting in the middle. They're all about perfection and happiness and putting family first. They needed each other for such a short amount of time. She needed to get over a jerk and see goodness again and he needed a little push to get where he is now. She kept it a secret because it was for them, not for the rest of us. He made her laugh, and picked her up when the ground wasn't safe. She held his hand in front of the family--that's big. They breathed the same breaths for a week. She is beautiful, and he is strong. As this story was repeated to me, tears and laughter couldn't help but be shed. It may not be a continuous love story to be shared, but it sure is what we all needed today.

Love is honesty. Brutal, brutal honesty. Love is thinking someone is completely obnoxious, but keeping hime in your life because you know he is supposed to be here.

Love is wearing what you want to because the people you love don't care

Words of affrimation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch.

We all have different ways that we love. I receive love differently than I give. This is the case in most.

I believe in love and attraction. I believe you can love someone and not be "in love" with them. I believe you can be in love with someone that you aren't meant to be with or feel crazy for falling the direction you did as this crazy person caught you. I believe in love at first sight. You can love someone and not like them and that's a beautiful disaster.

Love is a organized mess. The only mess I love.


That One Redhead said...

The only mess you love.

I love this and I love you.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Beautiful blog.

Emily said...

i love that love story. :)