March 5, 2013

Understanding nothing

Again, I'm writing to you from attendance school. Specifically here to talk about breath. Something I don't have much of. A human in their lifetime only has a certain number of breathes per week, or that's how I like to think of it. Waking up takes one. There's seven used that quickly. 

Next are human acquaintances  No, i'm not talking friends, or family  those breathes are another story. I'm talking work relations and costumer service calls. On average one makes about twelve calls a day. Friendly hellos to strangers, questions on your direction, courtesy conversions in class, etc  You get it. 91 breathes down. 

Third are the breathes you use per hour of work. We'll say an average amount of part time work which translates to twenty hours a week. One hundred and eleven. Personal responsibilities come after work. (or before, but in the case of adding breathes, after.) Personal responsibilities may include  gym time, friend-time  blog-stalking, music lessons, flirting, dating, pinterest, you know, the works. Social life, maybe.This time average to be about fifteen breathes. One hundred and twenty six and we haven't even gotten to school yet. We're gonna get to that now. 

Two breaths per class times four classes a day times five days a week forty. one hundred eighty six. Family comes next on this list. Let's not even get into that. That equation take three breathes in and of itself. We're already and two hundred seventy one. 

Friends come in a close second to family when in settles down to equations. Eight breathes to please/keep up. (Sure, they're friends and we should have to "please" or keep up. Come on people this is real life.) Three per ink-stain  I like to think of miscommunication,  unpleasant conversation, annoyance, and straight hurt feelings as ink-stains  

Lastly, I like to call this category the hang nails, the paper cuts, the empty box of cookies someone left on the shelf. If that didn't put a photo in your mind. Inconvenient, random upsets. Parking tickets, sickness, mistakes, being late, etc  They average about seven per week. Two hundred and ninety five breathes. That takes me a breath just to think about. 

Sometimes we cant handle breathing that heavily. Sometimes hangnails come in abundance, and ink-stains come more than that. Occasionally we all lose our breath and come close to, hmm, passing out. 

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm running out of breaths and running a marathon along the way. This isn't all negative, but sometimes it isn't easy to run a marathon without any breath behind it. I know how to fix it. That's the next point I'm getting at.

Well I'm here to tell you something that will take your breath away. Prayers. Every prayer is a negative breath. I learned this the hard way, but it was learned and I can now testify it. 

I don't know how to close this because I'm out of breath. I'm catching my breath, and letting God and his gold plated hands, take it away. That's the only way I can continue.

Here's to March. A March that's full of breathes beyond those average two hundred and ninety five.


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Addy Baird said...

This. This is brilliant. This is really good.