February 27, 2013

Not what you're expecting, Mar

I've been told more than once that I'm "too old" or that I'm unapproachable.

I'm tired of growing up too fast.

 Normally this is the sentence that would be coming out of my mouth because I usually state that "I hate high school." Sure, I wouldn't ever, ever do it again, even if it saved my life or granted me with a lot of money, but there is something about it.

 I think this happens to everyone the last stretch of their senior year. Counting down the days until graduation, and counting up the days that mean something.

 So here is what I'm getting at. Whether I lived up to the full potential of adolescents before today doesn't matter. I'm going to be young, and full of ideas and I'm going to do some dumb things occasionally because I only have so long until I can't.

 So hey, let's climb some roofs, and put shredded paper on people's wet lawns. Let's break some hearts and kiss people just for the sake of kissing.

 I'm making a cliche as can be graduation bucket list. If you need something to do on the weekends, come find me.

 Enduringly, Morgan.

1 comment:

Scout said...

hey so. I am an anonymous author. Your blog is beautiful. I like it. A lot. You probably don't know who I am, but I feel like you deserve to be told your blog is beautiful. And you are beautiful.

I suppose you'll have to take my word for it that I'm not a forty-year-old stalker. But I'm not, promise.

Stay gold.